Oct 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

I know I said I would be better this year, but obviously I'm not. It's Halloween though and this happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. I think it's because mom and I used to decorate the house so much for Halloween and we would have those crazy Halloween parties were we could just play and hangout. It's funny that I still love it so much even though I have to do the decorations alone and I spend more time sewing costumes than hanging out with friends, but I still love it! This year the kids wanted to be the cast from "The Wizard of Oz." When I first heard this discussion, conveniently at the pattern table in Joann's Fabric Store, I was waiting for the "Dorothy" fight to begin. BUT, it was a mommy-miracle and the girls did not  even fuss once, but explained that Ansley should be the Wicked Witch of the West because she is the oldest, Miranda wanted to be the "Pretty Pink Witch" (aka Glenda), and Ellie wanted red sparkly shoes and lipstick so she could be Dorothy. "Ahhhhhh, Ohhhh, ahhhh, Laaaaa" those are the angle singing cause THIS never happens! Next they decided that William should be the Tin-Man because he is so sweet, and Nolan could be the Scarecrow "cause he can't walk anyway." Love my kids! And so the sewing began! I am happy to announce that the costumes are done and approved, for the most part - the Wicked Witch of the West did actually posses my sweet Ansley for a little bit, but my mom says it's my fault that I have turned her into a perfectionist like me, so sorry Anz! Here is a sneak peak from our ward party and hopefully I post tonight's pictures soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween following your yellow brick road to sweets this year!


  1. I loved seeing the picture of all of your kids. I can't believe how grown up your girls are! And your boys are super cute, I haven't seen them before. You are amazing to sew everyone's costumes. They turned out awesome!

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