Mar 1, 2013

a Bike Ride on a Spring Afternoon

I am going to welcome Spring by creating my own fat quarter bundle over at Sew, Mama Sew! It looks like a really fun contest and I had tons of fun searching and choosing my favorite fabrics from their shop for a hand picked bundle. I am now so in love with my picks, which of course is their brilliant plan, that I can already feel this quilt wrapped around my kids and I. So here is my bundle, story and all the fun links.

A Bike Ride on a Spring Afternoon {in the PNW}
my handpicked bundle from  Sew, Mama, Sew!

A typical spring afternoon in the Pacific Northwest displays weather as fickle as the groundhogs shadow. Yet, perched upon the seat of your bike, with an umbrella in hand, you will be awed at the sudden downpours that awaken and renew the lush green grass. As you ride along the edge of a swollen crystal blue stream you will be lulled by the gentle daffodils reaching for the sun. Geese wonder the fertile hills and valleys of the open fields as the rough bark of budding trees fill the air with their earthly must.  Brilliant white clouds come and go creating shadows of colors vibrant yet mute. Sunbursts tease your skin with warmth and seem to paint flowers orange, yellow, and pink before your very eyes. Not wanting to lose this moment, you make a mental note of your bliss, hop off your bike, layout your quilt, and lose yourself in beloved novel. Grabbing your tote, stowing your umbrella and filling your hand with a fresh bouquet of wildflowers you slowly wander home refreshed from winter and alive with spring!


  1. this is super fun. excited to see how it turns out!

  2. I totally love this!!!! I'm slowly getting into sewing (I even bought books!) and this inspires me to get sewing!!! PS- your family is freaking adorable. Seriously beautiful babies!!!!