Jan 19, 2012

So... haven't been here in a while. I have been sucked into the realities of life for the last uhmm...well lets just say "while" shall we. Reality is great! Its fun! It's hard, exhausting, and it can be nasty at times. Yet, reality is that I have little time left for Blogging in my life. Reality at the moment is that I SHOULD be doing taxes, I SHOULD be cleaning the house, I SHOULD be making Miranda some food so she will stop bothering me, and I probably SHOULD take a shower sometime this week. Really I should! But I'm not going to do any of that. NOR am I going to update you on anything. I'm just gonna start over and hope that somehow this yera I will keep up and friends will know that I and my family have not parished.

GOAL: 5 photos a month, at least one post a month, maybe a few words, and definatly some smiles, tears, mud, toys, and updates on us. There you have it. Sadly it takes me forever to get anything posted on here. Not sure if it is our very slow internet, older computer, me, or a combination of all three. All I know is that I get so annoyed about it that I often give up. This year no giving up. I would love suggestions though (TJ...help!).

Will is clapping for me! I hope you are too.