May 6, 2011

a Day of Perspective

I have been having a bad day, or lets just say week, cause what is the use of lying. Nothing has gone wrong, but I am just struggling. I am miserably tired from my late night dates with William, the girls have cabin fever like never before because every time we step outside the sun hides behind a cloud that decided he hates me so much he will spit all over me and my girls (..oh, I have to find a new generic terms for the offspring don't I). Anywho, to top it off my body has decided that I obviously handle motherhood so well, that despite the fact sweet William is only 6 weeks old we should start the womanhood process again. YIPPEE!

So with all said I was talking to a friend about how miserable I was feeling and she wisely said, "Mia here is a bit of perspective for ya. My friend went to her Ob apt on Wed. and the doc said everything looks great, your baby should be here anytime (seeing as she was 38 weeks along). She took her other kids to the zoo yesterday, and by the end of the afternoon was nervous because she hadn't been able to feel the baby in a while. So she rushed over to the OB where later it was confirmed by ultrasound that her sweet jewel was gone. Just like that. It was gone. She is currently in labor to deliver the body." I haven't really moved from the computer where I was when I was talking to my girlfriend. I decided to cheer me up I would check some blogs I love. I came across this. For those who don't have the moment I suggest you find it. And it all brings me back to our sweet niece who you can remember here.

Its funny how quickly we can forget our sorrow when we open our hearts to others. My heart breaks for anyone who has lost anyone they love, especially mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. My tears fall for them and those I have lost and still love. I am only rescued by the knowledge I have in Heavenly Father, His gospel and my faith of it all. My day, my week, does not seem so bad anymore. How about yours...