Mar 22, 2011

Today: March 22, 2011

Today is the day. It is always weird to me to think that I will have a brand new child in my arms by the end of a particular day. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that this little man, as well as all of his sisters, could not find the exit on their own. I have always wanted for everything to go on its own (and trust me have we tried to make that happen each time). But, that apparently is not the way for our family.

We waited 9.5 days for sweet Ansley. Miranda made a valiant effort then decided that the reality of that effort was to much for her so she snuck back up into my ribs and by the end of the week was under enough "stress" that we gave her a gentle nudge. Ellie jumped the gun by 8 weeks to which we said 'not a chance.' She has never been one who likes to be scolded and she is slightly stubborn, so she too then refused to make an entrance when the time was right; her nudge was not as gentle as Mirandas'. And now little William. We have waited, he has attempted and either failed or changed his mind, and now we are done. I am "on call" today, waiting for my last induction. Hopefully the call will come after 12:00pm so that Gary has a chance to make it to the birth of his son. My parents arrived over the weekend, so if all goes to plan my mom will hang with me at the hospital till Gary gets there and then she is welcome to stay or leave at that point.

So say what you will about having patience and waiting till nature takes its course or paying out the ying-yang to hire someone for the day so Gary can be there from start to finish. One thing I have learned in life is that plans never go exactly how you wish them. Faith is having the courage and desire to walk into the darkness and wait for the light that you know Heavenly Father will provide. Today we are taking that step for the fourth time and tonight (hopefully) when it is all said and done, in that light WE will be holding our SON.

So here we go...