Sep 15, 2010

So the 2nd half of summer went by as quickly as the first. We hit the Fair and Ellie had to wear her little cowboy boots from Jes, that are the cutest things ever (I am almost ready to give them back..but not yet). The girls loved the rides and all the animals. I made it through all my dances without passing out (although I looked like I should have). The weather was great and we had some yummy fair food.

Lora came into town with Weston and Gage. We really have missed them this last year so I was great to see them. Lora, Natalie and I, took our weekend scrapbook trip to the coast. It was HEAVEN! So wonderful. We ate fish & chips, watched tons of girly movies and of course we scraped. Did I mention it was HEAVEN!?! Then we got the kids together for a day at the zoo. Miranda and Wes were crazy excited about the dinosaurs, Gage and Ellie...not so much.

Nancy and I had to hit our favorite spot on the coast at least one more time, even in the sad state of Champs arm. It was a beautiful day at the coast. So warm and calm. I don't think we started driving home till almost 6:30pm. Love days like these. It was a great last day of summer for us, as we left a few days later to Cali to visit my folks.

(I hate how I can't get the picture position to look like they do on the composeer)

So then we headed out on our road trip of Central Cali. We decided to meet my folks 1/2 way this year at a place called Clear Lake. We stoped the first night in Redding and hit a water park on the only day that week that the weather was 65 and not 100, of course. That night we walked the Sundial bridge and listen to jazz music on the river. We went to a Natural Park / Museum the next day and then finished the drive to clear lake where we meet my folks.

This is the resort at Clear Lake where we stayed. It was wonderful. We fished, with NO luck, swam, rode our bikes and generally just messed about.
We rented a boat one day. It was great. The weather was perfect, the wind was non-existant, we had tons of food and snacks, still had no luck fishing, but everyone loved it.

Look at the size of those feet! Wholly cow man! Gary actually enjoyed himself on the boat and even tried to snooze. We also enjoyed swimming in wht became dubed "green jello". The water was rather clear but also rather green.

See I was there too!

We took many walks and collected many smelly snail shells, feathers, and other such things.

Gary got to read and I got to play games with my mom and dad. We had a GREAT time! Thanks for the trip mom and da it was a perfect end to summer!

We got home on the 5th of September and then on the 7th Ansley was feed to the wolves (at least that is how I feel). She started Kindergarten. She is not sure if she likes it or not but her teacher and I have worked out a very efficient pass off at the door so that contact is never broken. Ahh, sweetie you only have 13 more years of this!

Miranda started preschool and I can't who is more excited, her me or Andrea. Andrea and I love to teach and this year we have picked up 3 additional kids. It should be a fun year!

Okay and now for the Spoiler Alert. For those who have not seen me in a while (despite my insiting that I would still be around) I want to give my excuse. At a BBQ, a while ago, a friend asked what was my new project now that we are moved and "settled." Well I am ready to announce it to the world, it has been named....SURVIVAL. Here is a picture of what it looks like at this point, don't laugh, I'm still working on it....

He he he. Yes, Gary knocked me up and YES I still suck at being pregnant. This time things are different though, my mornings are generally okay (it could just be the drugs) but by 4:30 I am dead and rarly am I seen awake past 8:30. Sad, I know, but I am just not good at this. Okay, there it is, baby #4.