Jul 2, 2010

Summer going at Lightspeed...

Life has been traveling in lightspeed here lately. Although the summer has not been as bright and sunny as I wish, it has still been packed with activities. Here is the quick summer update:

We SOOOLD our house and move to Vancouver, Washington in 7 days...

My parents came to town to visit. We had a special brunch, found Ansley a new bike at a garage sale {which means Rana got a new bike from Ansley}, went to the Rose Garden, showed off our new apartment and city and State, and the highlight: LION KING at the Keller! It was wonderful! Then my folks had to get back to real life and ferrets so they headed off on the train.

The big girls had their end of the year recital at Century High School for New Vision Dance. Can I say that if you are local, this is the best studio around. Not that I have tried any others but I have been overly pleased with not only classes and such but their teachers are wonderful! Miss Lynn has opened Ansley up and Miss Ashley and Miss Courtney have not only tamed the beast {aka Rana} but they have become my friends. I am really really sad that we will be too far away to continue dancing with them. I have taken classes here as well and wish I could do more -Gary says the gas would be to much, darn practicalities! Ansley rocked out in her second year and Miranda was a joy to watch.

Here are the girls with Miss Ashley! She is so wonderful with them! She is expecting her first child and I just want to say that she is going to be an amazing mother! Thank you Ashley for loving my girls! And to Miss Lynn you are a rock star and I want to be like you!

Just look at my little dancers. They are so beautiful and they had so much fun! I am so glad that we were able to give them this experience and I hope we will have the opportunity to give them so many more years of what ever they choose to try and excel in!

Ansley lost her first tooth while eating ice cream and then lost her second tooth, the one right next to it on the right the next week. She has the cutest hockey smile you have ever seen! and is now one dollar and 25 cents richer! Love the tooth fairy!

Last Saturday dear friends of ours left Oregon for Arkansas. They are going to live with Marshall's mom for a t least a year. They are great friends to us and I, the girls and Gary, will truly miss them.

Lastly, yet with out photographic evidence {yet}, we celebrated Canada Day last night with our other dear friends the Bui's and the Key's. We went down to Corvallis to visit with the Price's and Bless a new little life of dearest friends the Young's.We have swam at Ga'mas & Gamp'as house, rode our bike and trikes with the Farrer's block friends, pack and packed, and uhmm packed boxes, jumped relentlessly on the Bui's trampoline and have hit a few favorite parks before or great departure. Oh and the sun has made an appearance once or twice. It has been a good summer thus far and there is yet more to come. I am currently writing this, eating dinner, tending the Farrer boys and oh- uhmm losing control of all creatures under the age of 6 and so must conclude with GOODNIGHT NOW!