May 17, 2010

Ellie's 2nd Birthday

This is our tradition of chocolate-chip pancakes for the birthday breakfast. Normally it is served to the guest of honor on our red "You are Special" plate, but a silly mom had packed it away without thinking. Sorry Ellie, I swear you are still so special!

Here are pics from Ellie's Birthday party. She had a great time! We started out with bubbles to make everyone feel happy and forget the fact that their parents were dropping them off and running away. It worked like a charm. There were no tears!

We followed that up with opening gifts so we had some toys to play with, because that silly mom has almost every toy in the house packed too. She really is not all that fun or smart...Luke was more excited to be in the pictures than he was about what Ellie was receiving.
Such a doll (a manly doll of course)!
Of course we had to then play with all the gifts. Ellie got an ironing board, a Velcro cookie set, four dollars in total, a balloon, bubbles, three books, and a magnet dress-up doll.
We then needed to refuel our little bodies with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and whale crackers (a favorite thanks to Miss BJ), and milk.
And of course we can not forget about birthday cake!
Which the little princess refused to eat unless daddy hand spooned it to her.
We did of course sing Happy Birthday, blow on party sticks, and giggle a whole bunch!

Thanks to everyone who made Ellie's first ever 2nd birthday party a blast.!

May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday dear Ellie.

Happy Birthday sweet Ellie.

Happy Brithday our Ellie, bellie, short and smellieeeee!

Happy Birthday to my baby.

May 1, 2010

Need a Little HELP!

Okay so I am trying something scrapbooking. Now the whole album will not be digital (it's just not right), but I figured that this would be a great "little" place to start. So, here is where I need help. I duplicated a layout designed by Ali Edwards (which you can get here), because I do not have the money to buy it right now. I am enjoying the end products thus far.
Okay and here is my disclaimer: I am not good at the layout on Blogs. I can not make them do what I want; and so the day is under the layout - can anyone help me figure out spacing and such? I would lov ethe input.
DAY ONE: Monday
(note I know there are two couch pictures, I can't find one picture that must be on our other computer so the 'bare' bottom couch picture will be replaced with a picture of my feet clogging, when I find the picture)
DAY TWO: Tuesday
DAY THREE: Wednesday
DAY FOUR: Thursday
But for Day Five (Friday) I ended up with two different layouts. I think I know which one I like best but I am not completely convinced. Here enters YOU: Please vote between Layout 1 & Layout 2. Thanks.