Apr 24, 2010

Day Five: Friday

What is it that children do in there sleep that makes such a mess?!?

Ahhh, now doesn't that look so much better.

It's moving day...for Cindy our next door neighbor-adopted grandmother.

I showed Ansley how to call my cell phone 'cause the big girls are gonna stay in our house and watch movies and color while I help next door. I even left the pantry door open so they could get their own snacks and juice. Such BIG girls!

I put Ellie in the backpack and started moving. Once she fell asleep I just put the whole thing down and keep on truck'in. {This backpack is my object of affection for the day}

I guess this is what I get for thinking I could leave a 5 year old and 3 year old alone inside when you are outside busy working. At least they are having fun. Ansley even called me once just to see if it would work.
Had to take a coloring break. Ansley is getting pretty good at taking pictures.
This is how I found Rana after lunch. Poor kids, you'd think there parents would at least care enough to put them to bed...
...naw, but hey at least I told "Super Ellie" not to fly over her sleeping sister, and not to kick her, or bite her or even touch her. It worked for a while.
Someone else wanted to take a nap...see the lump...

That's our fat cat, she likes to sleep under the covers when it gets too cold. Spoiled, huh.

Daddy has had a rough week {that means we have too, but all the same} we thought we would cheer him up with a little afternoon snack of Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Coke.

A special Delivery for our favorite FedEx Man!
Bubbles are Miranda's forte. Its crazy how she can make her
spit into something so amazing and beautiful.
Gotta get the Friday-night Pizza dough going, and while I was at it I started bread dough cause we are out and the store is not an option this week. I love making bread though cause it is a nice way to work out the tension of the week and it smells so good, when it's in the oven.

Gam'ma and Gam'pa pop in for a much needed rough house session. On weeks like this when we see very little of daddy, mom's rough housing just does not cut it. These too however...well they are Gary's parents, someone had to teach him the ropes.

Look at all the action going on. It's craziness here!

Day Four: Thursday

Sorry we got busy and behind her are a few of my favorite shots. If you are really interested in the rest of it all you can come see the album when its done, otherwise, have a nice day.

The lesson at preschool this week was butterflies so the kids got to wear wings to class.

BBQ hot dogs and Sunkiss for lunch with the little girls

Rana doughnuts on the deck. I love the way the air catches in her dress.

Ansley's home!

A few last kisses from Cindy, our next door adopted grandma, on her last night in Oregon.

Everybody is taking a drink on a hot Oregon day (70)

Watering our Strawberries

Miranda has learned how to make her "up-down-up's" M's

What movie do you think we watch in our house...all the time
{If you don't know it's "Little Mermaid" and Ariel uses a fork as a hairbrush}

And that's the photo-journey of our very long Thursday. Gary did not get home till 9:00 so after dinner I read with the girls and put them all to bed, then waited for my honey.

Apr 21, 2010

DAY THREE: Wensday

Today's WORDS:


ROUTINE of the Day:
1:15 AM: Rana wakes up in coughing fit - give her H2O and cuddles then lay her down with a blanket on our bedroom floor
2:30 AM last time I check the clock, Rana does not stop coughing
3:00 AM: Ellie wakes up from a coughing fit and waddles into our room with her blanket and Hippity {favorite stuffed bunny that never leaves her side}
3:08 AM both girls are coughing so I go down stairs for Children's Tylenol, drug the kids, rock Ellie and put her back in her bed,
somehow Hippity stayed in our bed
4:18 AM last second time I check the clock
5:30 Gary's alarm goes off and so does his temper {he apologizes later tonight}
7:10 wake up to Ellie crawling back into my bed,
we get up, skip making the beds cause I'm too tired
and head down stairs for breakfast
7:40 check email to find out preschool is cancelled for the day
{this day is not getting any better & it's not even eight yet}
8:00 realize I forgot to get a present for the birthday party at 9:30
8:40 get girls dressed, decided to not show the house
today cause I'm too cranky to clean
9:05 get girls in their shoes, go upstairs & change answer machine to
no showing today
9:06 phone rings -BLOCKED CALL- mommie! jump for the phone cause
I need a pick-me-up
9:07 hang up phone, it was a realtor wanting to show the house at 11:30ish. Wish I could scream and yell and throw a tantrum like my girls,
say a prayer instead and run downstairs
9:10 got a show on for the girls {12 Dancing Princesses}, set timer for 1 hour and 30 minutes then start to clean like a mad-women {madmen don't clean}
11:15 finish cleaning, get girls in the car and realize
we have missed the birthday party
11:16 start to cry, say another prayer and head off to....why not Target.
12:20 get home, see the Realtors card and catch a wisp of hope, make lunch
1:45 play for a bit but everyone is breaking down so I send us all to bed
1:50 Ellie is asleep, I pull out my scriptures and read to the girls in my bed. We are reading in Exodus about Moses, the girls love this story!
2:00 Last third time I check the clock, we all sleep...finally
3:45 wake up & play, do some laundry, and start waiting for Gary
4:20 take a walk to the mailbox
5:50 Gary gets home & I warm up Sunday night leftovers
6:00 eat dinner
6:30 Missionaries come over for a quick lesson
6:50 Gary & Missionaries leave for new member lessons, I let the girls watch a movie in their room, a special treat for a long rough day
{really a moment of quiet clean-up time for me}
8:00 Gary gets home girls come down to cuddle on the couch,
its so sweet we let them stay up
8:40 make 4 cups of hot cocoa to weigh their tummies down,
say family prayers and get the girls into to bed
9:15 Gary heads to bed I start this and finish cleaning up
10:10 still hear the girls, sign them one more song
& start 2nd cup of cocoa for me
10:58 actually finish making that 2nd cup of cocoa, realize I am really slow at this whole blogging thing and I hate how when I load pictures a line gets placed between everything I have already written.
There has to be a better way to do this.
11:27 I want to be done with this. Thanks Alie Edwards {in a nice sarcastic kinda way} for saying, 'hey link up you favorite shot so I can see it. Do you really read all the links anyway? I'm going to bed...after I link this up

Favorite CONVERSATION of the Day:
ellie: "mommy I go potty."
me: "Not here baby, please not here. Come on lets go to toliet."
{we jump down from the chairs and run to toilet with her little hands in mine}
me: "okay sit."
ellie: "I eeze {squeeze}, mommy!"
me: "Yeah."
{I'll spare you the rest cause well...will just finish off with the last few bits}
ellie: "I poop mommy, I eeze, Ellie do it!"
me: "Yahoo! Baby Doll. You can have two Jellybeans for that."
ellie: "tank u mommy"

BEST Moment: I love reading scriptures with the girls. Normally this is done after Ellie has fallen asleep for her nap and the girls and I are having quiet time. Sometimes I get to snuggle with them in bed while I read to them because I want everyone to take a nap. Today was such a day. This completely rejuvenates me!

WORST Moment: This moment took a full hour and 37 minutes to complete. Cleaning up today to get the house ready for a showing was an absolute low for me.

Today's object of AFFECTION: My new mugs from Joann's. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I love that they are white. I love the texture of the little bumps. I love the flat knob on top of the handle and I LOVE them filled with a hot cup of Cocoa! LOVE 'em.

DAY TWO: Tuesday

Today's WORDS:
Ballerina Dress
Go Blazers!

ROUTINE of the Day:
5:15 Ellie & Rana come into our room to cuddle
5:30 gary's alarm goes off
6:00 I think the girls & I must have fallen asleep again
8:00 WOW! I am awoken by the sound of the girls playing in Ansley's room.
8:05 Start making the beds
8:35 breakfast time!
9:00 girls play & I get some computer time
10:00 laundry, dishes, sweep floors
11:00 girls dance at NVDC
12:00 go to DEQ
1:15 leave DEQ, skip library(Ellie & Rana fell asleep), get cheeseburgers for Ansley & I,
get gas at Costco,
1:40 little girls smell cheesburgers and wake up so...
get cheeseburgers for Ellie & Rana, Albertsons
okay my disclaimer: we were challenged not to shop this week but I am a coupon shopper and there were 4 that I needed to use at albertsons. I justified this because it is all food storage items and none will be consumed this week, but a deal is a deal: I paid $8.52 for $30.61 of groceries HAD TO BE DONE!
2:45 finally get home
3:00 girls play & I do our food storage inventory
4:20 Ellie comes into garage to say "Hi" then proceeds to pee all over the floor,
say "sorry mommy" and walk out - brilliant
5:40 start dinner
6:00 gary gets home
6:20 eat dinner
7:10 put Ellie in bed & cuddle with the girls watching the Blazers get beat down
7:40 Rana gets in trouble and goes to bed early & alone -huge punishment for her
8:00 Take Ansley to my bed (cause Rana is still throwing a fit) and do my exercises
9:10 read my Scriptures & fall asleep
Favorite CONVERSATION of the Day:
{cuddling with Ansley on the couch watching the Blazer game}
gary: "Are you cold or hot honey?"
ansley: "My head is hot and my hands are hot."
note: she has become a cocoon in a big blanket at this point
gary: "But are you cold?"
ansley: "Yes, my head and body are cold."
gary: "I thought your head was hot!?!"
ansley (losing patience with the questions): "I'm just hotish-coldish, dad."

BEST Moment: Miranda's dance teacher came out of class today to tell me how good Miranda was doing, even with he other girls being hopped up on crazy juice! Go Girl!
WORST Moment: Ellie had two accidents, bite, hit, screamed, and was just all around difficult all day long!

Today's object of AFFECTION: Krista gave me a copy of one of my favorite 'happy' books last Christmas, "The Story of Babar: the little elephant." Well this little book has brought me more happiness than she can know. It has become a favorite of the girls and while small and short, keeps them occupied for at least 15 minutes. YAHOOO!

love how I caught Rana picking her nose!

Apr 19, 2010

DAY ONE: monday

This year I am determined to start & finish "A Week in the Life" challenge by Ali Edwards this year. I have started it before, even finished one year, but have yet to complete the album that would follow.
So here it is ONE Day AT A time.

Today's Words:
Bob & Larry
Pee... a lot of PEEEEEE

ROUTINE of the Day:
5:30 gary's alarm goes off
6:40 outta-bed sleep head!
7:00 bath time
7:40 breakfast
9-12 clogging
12:30 lunch
1:30 quiet time / nap time
3:00 play
6:30 dinner
8:00 daddy's home
8:15 family prayer
8:30 bed time

Favorite CONVERSATION of the Day:
{this is the first thing that Gary said when he got home today}
gary: "Ellie your naked...(pause as his eyes scan the room)...Why is the couch all destroyed?"
me: "Don't ask yet."
gary: "Ellie, did you pee all over it?"
ansley: "NO, it was Rana!" (said with attitude and eye-rolling)
gary: "Great"
rana: "Hi daddy."
gary: "Hi girls."
BEST Moment: Ellie said the family prayer with promptings from Gary
WORST Moment: its a tie between Miranda peeing the bed last night after she took off her pull-ups and her peeing on the couch this afternoon when she fell asleep. This kid cannot stop peeing! AHHHHHHHHH

Today's object of AFFECTION: my ranunculus flowers from Trader Joe's that sit in a mason jar on my counter top

Apr 5, 2010

Girls in Love

A house full of girls can create many emotions. This I knew would happen. The emotion that I did not expect to happen so soon (or young, depending on how you look at it) is that of 'love'. Now I know that this is not 'true love' but it is an emotion that my girls have developed for particular boys. Maybe I should use the word preference over 'love' but either way it is a joyful, pure, and sweet emotion. While it does give me a bit of fear for the future it also makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. The other day while doing laundry in our upstairs hallway, I overheard my two eldest Ewoks were holding a conversation downstairs. It went something like this;
Ansley: "...I love Kegee and he is going to take me to the Temple."

Miranda: "Well who am I gonna marry then?"

Ansley: "I don't know, but you can't marry Kegee cause'he loves me."

Miranda: "I want to marry Emmitt and Joesph."
Ansley: "You can only take one boy to the Temple, thats how it works, silly"
Miranda: "Okay, I want Joesph to take me to the Temple cause Ellie likes Emmitt and he can take her."

The funniest thing about this conversation is that its true, all of it, and I have proof. The Ansley and Kegan thing has been sence they were about 10 months old. They have been best friends for thier while little lives. We have picture upon picture of the two of them. Moving on to Miranda; now I really do not think that Joesph has any clue that Miranda is even around but she sure knows when he is here. I got this photo tonight, it's what reminded me of this conversation.

Don't they look guilty like they were caught in a special moment.

And finally Emmitt and Ellie (their names really do sound good together). Ellie starts almost everyday looking for Emmitt and if we get into the car she begins "Emmitt house, mommy, Emmitt." Then they squeal in delight when we see eachother.

I hope that one day my girls meet wonderful young men who will stand up to all that these three precious little girls deserve, and I would take each of the boys they have already picked, as son-in-laws anyday....well - lets wait about 15 more years if we can.