Mar 13, 2010

Where have we been.....?

locked inside our humble little dwelling for the past few weeks turning it into a diamond in the rough. Now, I have always had a soft spot for our little home (it has been in the family from the beginning) but now I am truly in love with it....JUST IN TIME TO LEAVE. Ahhh, the nature of the beast. We have put up new paint on almost every wall and finally spent a few dollars on decorations not diapers and food. It really has been fun getting all the little extras I have always wanted but never put at the top or even the middle of our ever growing priority list. But this month the house has been our priority and I hope that we get a full return. We have lost a bit in equity over the past few years (as has everyone) but we are blessed enough to be able to walk away with a little in our pocket (seeing as we actually sell the house). We truly love this area and will dearly miss some of our greatest friends, but it is time for our adventures to travel further north. So...if you know anyone moving to or wanting to move to the area please pass along our little house, she is wonderful and will treat them well!

And here she is in all her final glory...

761 SW 198th Place (rmls#10021462)