Jan 25, 2010


I found this button today while I was peeking at a few of my favorite inspirations. As inspiration goes I am inspired by these ladies and what they are doing for those around them. I am posting this to create inspiration in the lovely people I know. Outside of the items already spoken for, or requested, everything I have left from Lil'peep Clothing will be donated to this cause. To read more please go to Craft Hope for Haiti Esty Shop. To learn more about the ladies behind the scenes and what they do everyday to help others check out their blog Craft Hope. There is such a need and there are so many ways we can help. This is one way I will be helping. I hope that you can find a way to help those in Haiti and or those next door to you. We will never know who is really in need until catastrophe hits -OR- we get outside of our own world and get to know those we live with local and around the world. So please take a few minutes and think of a way your family can help someone else.

Jan 11, 2010

Desperatly Seeking...

a night on the town with Gary and great friends! Ya-hooo! We had a big weekend and thought it was worthy of a post. (I know the pics are small they are from Facebook; go there if you want the big version- sorry all I had was my Polaroid)

Thursday: Nancy an I went on a quest that took us all over Beaverton and Hillsboro. The purpose of the quest: Find a costume (which I should have done weeks ago) for Madonna which would allow me to keep my standards. I had chosen to do Madonna from the "Lucky Star" / "Desperately Seeking Susan" era. We also need gear to turn Gary into Thomas Magnum from Magnum PI, and lastly Chester into Mr. T. Well we went from Billy Idol and school girl to MC Hammer and Jennifer and McFly before the afternoon was over and the kids had enough! Two milkshakes later we meet up at JoAnns for the final act of desperation, in which we both bought material that never ended up being used.

Friday: It started with a desperate call..."Lisa, I look like I got beat with a baseball bat, right around my eyes!" Really I did, but Lisa came over with a bag of magic and turned me into the most perfect Madonna, mole and all (THANK YOU SO MUCH!). Nancy and Chester saved the day with a last minute hit at the Goodwill (were they ran into Krista doing the same thing) and I hit Claire's for the bling. The in-laws showed up just as Gary got home. Gary took a quick shower and turned into Thomas and we were out the door. A quick drive to Sherwood and a wonderful dinner with great friend, games, and a Polaroid camera I acquired from Grandma Gingers garage a few months back.

Saturday: We tried to sleep-in from the night before, and considering the kids were awake at 10:30ish when we got home we thought we would make it to at least 7:00, but no, the 6:30 wake up call of "MOMMMMMY, MOMMMMY, MOM!" came a bit early. We got a few chores done then packed our bags for a quick trip to Corvallis to be with some of our best friends as their daughter Sariah (our first daughter that's not our daughter) got baptised. Wow, what a moment! I love that little girl and the choices she has made so far in her little life. She is so beautiful, sweet, and smart. She asked Gary to be part of her Confirmation which was very special to us. WE had a great night after that and the kids went wild till about 10:00pm again. Then Dawn, TJ, and I played games (Gary is not much the board game kinda guy, but he piped in from the blow-up mattress from time to time) till about 2:30 am. BAD IDEA! BUT A LOT OF FUN!

Sunday & Monday: Drive home, catch-up on sleep, laundry, and phone messages. These two days have kinda meshed into one day, but right now at 7:30 pm on Monday I am feeling almost back to normal and I must say a little like McFly.

Jan 5, 2010

Here is our first bit of change for 2010. The adventure known as Lil'peep Clothing has come to an end. We are putting everything on clearance.

Onesies will be $5

Burpies will be $3

Blankets will be $9

It is first come first serve! You can call me, email me, or go to our Etsy Store (http://www.lilpeep.etsy.com/). All the information you need along with pictures can be found on our blog (http://lilpeepclothing.blogspot.com/). Thanks for all the support. There will be 4 slide shows running in the sidebar of all items (not all are on clearance only Lil'peep items).

Jan 1, 2010

Ha ha ha ha; there you go here is my revised Happy New Year card cause the Christmas one never got out.

So...the main reason the Christmas card did not get out is because (1) I think I am cooler than I am & I wanted to make my own digital cards (2) I did not want to conform to what was being sold (AKA the easy route in which all I have to do is drop my photo in) and thought it would be more fun how do do it myself (3) once i figured out how to do it myself and uploaded it to a local cheap shop for printing I realized that a 4x6 format will get cropped and I lose the sides & because I am overly anal and think that the world should work the way I want it to, I just got mad at it all and said I would come back to. Yeah obviously that did not happen, hence the new card in which I changed the title (Happy New Year, by the way) and brought the edges in so that I did not have to remake the entire card....Ahhhh, but alas it was not enough I still lost words and the year (kinda important) and so once again I got mad and this time instead of doing over again (cause I am just to angry at it all) I am going to print our family picture write a very short little letter, referring everyone back here for an explanation and details on our lives and call it good. So my first goal of the new year (Many more will follow...)


-Oh, and if anyone gives me grip because they get this very same card in the mail for Christmas 2010 but with an updated picture, well I just tell Santa to give you coal for Christmas, we're pretty tight ya know.