Nov 18, 2010

JUNK mail...

For those who followed the link from their emails thanks for trusting us! And here is the best JUNK mail we will ever receive!

It's a BOY!

Sep 15, 2010

So the 2nd half of summer went by as quickly as the first. We hit the Fair and Ellie had to wear her little cowboy boots from Jes, that are the cutest things ever (I am almost ready to give them back..but not yet). The girls loved the rides and all the animals. I made it through all my dances without passing out (although I looked like I should have). The weather was great and we had some yummy fair food.

Lora came into town with Weston and Gage. We really have missed them this last year so I was great to see them. Lora, Natalie and I, took our weekend scrapbook trip to the coast. It was HEAVEN! So wonderful. We ate fish & chips, watched tons of girly movies and of course we scraped. Did I mention it was HEAVEN!?! Then we got the kids together for a day at the zoo. Miranda and Wes were crazy excited about the dinosaurs, Gage and Ellie...not so much.

Nancy and I had to hit our favorite spot on the coast at least one more time, even in the sad state of Champs arm. It was a beautiful day at the coast. So warm and calm. I don't think we started driving home till almost 6:30pm. Love days like these. It was a great last day of summer for us, as we left a few days later to Cali to visit my folks.

(I hate how I can't get the picture position to look like they do on the composeer)

So then we headed out on our road trip of Central Cali. We decided to meet my folks 1/2 way this year at a place called Clear Lake. We stoped the first night in Redding and hit a water park on the only day that week that the weather was 65 and not 100, of course. That night we walked the Sundial bridge and listen to jazz music on the river. We went to a Natural Park / Museum the next day and then finished the drive to clear lake where we meet my folks.

This is the resort at Clear Lake where we stayed. It was wonderful. We fished, with NO luck, swam, rode our bikes and generally just messed about.
We rented a boat one day. It was great. The weather was perfect, the wind was non-existant, we had tons of food and snacks, still had no luck fishing, but everyone loved it.

Look at the size of those feet! Wholly cow man! Gary actually enjoyed himself on the boat and even tried to snooze. We also enjoyed swimming in wht became dubed "green jello". The water was rather clear but also rather green.

See I was there too!

We took many walks and collected many smelly snail shells, feathers, and other such things.

Gary got to read and I got to play games with my mom and dad. We had a GREAT time! Thanks for the trip mom and da it was a perfect end to summer!

We got home on the 5th of September and then on the 7th Ansley was feed to the wolves (at least that is how I feel). She started Kindergarten. She is not sure if she likes it or not but her teacher and I have worked out a very efficient pass off at the door so that contact is never broken. Ahh, sweetie you only have 13 more years of this!

Miranda started preschool and I can't who is more excited, her me or Andrea. Andrea and I love to teach and this year we have picked up 3 additional kids. It should be a fun year!

Okay and now for the Spoiler Alert. For those who have not seen me in a while (despite my insiting that I would still be around) I want to give my excuse. At a BBQ, a while ago, a friend asked what was my new project now that we are moved and "settled." Well I am ready to announce it to the world, it has been named....SURVIVAL. Here is a picture of what it looks like at this point, don't laugh, I'm still working on it....

He he he. Yes, Gary knocked me up and YES I still suck at being pregnant. This time things are different though, my mornings are generally okay (it could just be the drugs) but by 4:30 I am dead and rarly am I seen awake past 8:30. Sad, I know, but I am just not good at this. Okay, there it is, baby #4.

Jul 2, 2010

Summer going at Lightspeed...

Life has been traveling in lightspeed here lately. Although the summer has not been as bright and sunny as I wish, it has still been packed with activities. Here is the quick summer update:

We SOOOLD our house and move to Vancouver, Washington in 7 days...

My parents came to town to visit. We had a special brunch, found Ansley a new bike at a garage sale {which means Rana got a new bike from Ansley}, went to the Rose Garden, showed off our new apartment and city and State, and the highlight: LION KING at the Keller! It was wonderful! Then my folks had to get back to real life and ferrets so they headed off on the train.

The big girls had their end of the year recital at Century High School for New Vision Dance. Can I say that if you are local, this is the best studio around. Not that I have tried any others but I have been overly pleased with not only classes and such but their teachers are wonderful! Miss Lynn has opened Ansley up and Miss Ashley and Miss Courtney have not only tamed the beast {aka Rana} but they have become my friends. I am really really sad that we will be too far away to continue dancing with them. I have taken classes here as well and wish I could do more -Gary says the gas would be to much, darn practicalities! Ansley rocked out in her second year and Miranda was a joy to watch.

Here are the girls with Miss Ashley! She is so wonderful with them! She is expecting her first child and I just want to say that she is going to be an amazing mother! Thank you Ashley for loving my girls! And to Miss Lynn you are a rock star and I want to be like you!

Just look at my little dancers. They are so beautiful and they had so much fun! I am so glad that we were able to give them this experience and I hope we will have the opportunity to give them so many more years of what ever they choose to try and excel in!

Ansley lost her first tooth while eating ice cream and then lost her second tooth, the one right next to it on the right the next week. She has the cutest hockey smile you have ever seen! and is now one dollar and 25 cents richer! Love the tooth fairy!

Last Saturday dear friends of ours left Oregon for Arkansas. They are going to live with Marshall's mom for a t least a year. They are great friends to us and I, the girls and Gary, will truly miss them.

Lastly, yet with out photographic evidence {yet}, we celebrated Canada Day last night with our other dear friends the Bui's and the Key's. We went down to Corvallis to visit with the Price's and Bless a new little life of dearest friends the Young's.We have swam at Ga'mas & Gamp'as house, rode our bike and trikes with the Farrer's block friends, pack and packed, and uhmm packed boxes, jumped relentlessly on the Bui's trampoline and have hit a few favorite parks before or great departure. Oh and the sun has made an appearance once or twice. It has been a good summer thus far and there is yet more to come. I am currently writing this, eating dinner, tending the Farrer boys and oh- uhmm losing control of all creatures under the age of 6 and so must conclude with GOODNIGHT NOW!

Jun 20, 2010

I know there is so much I can say about this man that would publicly humiliate him...but because I have to live with him (Uhm, did I say that out loud?!?); I mean because I love him, I won't. I will say, on this day dedicated to all dads, that he is a wonderful father! Our girls were asked some questions about dads at church and those answers were given to the men today, along with some treats. I want to share Miranda's comments because they are priceless! (Ansley's were wonderful and sweet to, but Miranda hit the nail on the head.)

Why did Heavenly Father make fathers?
"(to) watch Go Blazers"

What does your dad do all day?
"Move boxes"

Why do you love your dad?
"He pillow fights with me"

What's your dads favorite thing to do?
"Watch Blazers"

What's the nicest thing your dad ever did?
"He gave me his hair"

How can you not be peeing your pants right now!?!? I love the things that kids say and this is by far one of the best things Ranna has ever said about Gary.
Gary, you are so wonderful! You show your love to the girls and they truly do feel it. I am so proud of you and so wonderfully happy that all us girls have you for all time and eternity. Thanks for all you do for us. We love you! Happy Daddy-day!

Jun 9, 2010

Well folks...

it's official, all papers are signed and other than the appraisal our HOUSE IS SOLD! While we are very excited we are also (at least I am, Gary is too much of a man to admit it yet) starting to get a little teary-eyed. I am not ready to say my goodbyes yet and so I won't but I do want to post some pictures of our finial project and masterpiece. Today you get the upstairs and Friday I'll post the downstairs and outside. Our sweet little home.

This is the little girls room. Yes, there is only one bed, Ellie's mattress is underneath the bed and used only for sleeping or "playing jumping." We used a gray on the walls and I thought that I would not like it but I absolutely LOVE it. I can change colors around and every color that fits my mood of the moment works with the wall. It is not too dark and not too light. I am using this color again.
Do you not just love these Butterflies! I got them from Pottery Barn a long time ago, knowing one day I would use them. I love the feeling of them flying through the room. I have great plans to upgrade this room in our next house.
Okay, this picture is really dark but Ansley is in love with this mirror and wanted to make sure it made the cut. She says she feels like princess when she looks in it. I hope she will one day realize that she looks and is a princess even without the mirror.
She picked out this mosquito net at Ikea (I'm sure they call it something more attractive) and I added the flowers and ribbon on top to jazz it up a little. I also added ribbon to the edges so I could tie it to hooks on the wall. I plan to add flowers all the way around it and use it for a reading spot in our next place. Would that not be great to have the big Rollie Pollie seats under it and tons of books spread out on the floor! Can't wait.
This is her dresser which I would love to paint and play with but I only have so much time and Gary put a natural finish on it when I asked him to way back when we first got it. Plans change babe, sorry.
This is their bedroom. The paint is the same as in our master and it is a keeper too! I love how soft and romantic it is, and yet if I take the girly curtain and soap dish out and put up the light blue curtain and brown accent it still works. Have you noticed that I like to change things up...often.
This is the view of our master as you walk through the door. That is or towel closet and I got that wall clock for $10 at a garage sale! Yahoo!
Here is our bed and my favorite place to read in the window nook. That Rocking chair was my Grandmothers, who Died when I was a teenager. I have rocked all my children in it and hope it never leaves our family.
Okay, this is the other wall and our dresser. It was the changing table that Gary bought me when Ansley was so chunky that she broke the garage sale find we had for her. He thought this would be a bit sturdier. We thought we were done having more kids so I stole it when I staged the house. I changed the knobs and gave it a whitewash which I am going to darken up with a cream when I find the time. I love it and will never give it back. Guess, I need to find a new changing table for the future Carroll kids.
Our bathroom, nothing special but it works and is a favorite place of mine to relax.
And that it folks, outside of the laundry closet, is our upstairs. I should try and find pictures of Jon & Krista's take on the masters just for comparisons, on stages of life and loves. I have to admit that our house, now that we are leaving, is exactly all that I ever hoped it could be. I think it is so calming and peaceful and beautiful. It will be hard to leave now that we have to.

Jun 8, 2010

{Happy Birthday Mommy}

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and I hacked into her blog and gave her a little birthday surprise. I know many of you remember my mom from growing up, if you have moment stop by and wish her a happy birthday and see what she and my dad have been up too.

My mommy is.....well now that would just be rude, wouldn't it! Say Hi, here.

Jun 2, 2010

A Perfect Day...

Jump for joy - there is sunshine in Oregon, mom, I promise. Here is the proof
{yes, it was about 2 weeks ago now & we haven't really seen it since}

A few weekends ago Nancy and I did a 'girls only' trip to Tillamook. The weather was fabulous! The ice cream was divine and the girls played until they had nothing left. It really was a perfect day. Now if only this rain would stop so we could repeat it!

So this is our secret beach. I absolutely love it here. I can let the girls run and not worry and I get to rest on the back of old fallen logs while I stare out at the water and watch the girls. The sand is so soft and the trees keep the wind somewhat at bay. Love it, love it, love it here!

Ellie is not crazy about sand or grass, or any texture touching her feet and hands, but she finally warmed up to it all. I love this shot because she was so proud that she actually touched the sand - and I was so glad that she finally got off my lap, hip, back...ect...

Look she even made it into the water! YaHOOOOOO!

The girls found a fort that someone had started and they decided to finish the job. We were amazed at the size of logs they were hauling from all across the beach. Our favorites where the black ashed ones out of a bonfire pit. Yeah, laundry was fun when we got home. Not to mention that the shirt and leggings Ansley has on were hanging in a display case at Gap only yesterday, why not break them into reality gently.

We found a bunch of dead crabs which Miranda, of course, was in love with. She wanted to bring them all home, smells and all - not a chance sweetheart!

Ellie was not as fond of them.

The tide was on it's way out as we started to head home so we took the opportunity to check out the tide pools for all sorts of creatures. Nothing this time other than the occasional crab and teeny tiny fish that the girls wanted me to catch for dinner. Needless to say fish was not on the table for Gary when he got home.

Just so it's fair to Nancy, here is a pic of me on this gorgeous day.