Apr 4, 2009

Poison Control Again

Okay, so a bit of time has past between our last post and this one, but that's life in our world right now. So to get back into it I will start with my latest sucess...failure...wait; is one allowed to blog about failures? Well, its not like I am known for doing things the conventional way, away how. Another side note to failures is that I learn a lot from them so hopefully you can learn from mine rather than your own.
And so my story. Ansley was our poison control baby. Perhaps it was because she was our first baby and I still worried about her life on a daily basis or perhaps it was because she was a hungry hungry hippo from day one and would eat anything she could get her pudgy little fingers on. Regardless I found out that they "do not" keep record of how often you call, although I was told that I could only call 5 times per child per year - let's review something; they "do not" keep record right - before they open an investigation. That actually does sound reasonable however. And so to skip the blabla bla bla blabla, when I called on Thursday for Ellie I heard this from my friendly poison control worker "so this is your third child then?" UHMMM, did anyone catch that slip. Yes, its my third child, yes, I have called before, yes, I have called for each child and a finial yes, (for those of you who really know me) it has to be pretty bad and out of my knowledge to call in cause I really don't worry about too much anymore. And so I was told that my cure was simple: 4oz. of juice or water every two hours until she goes to bed and do not fret if her poop and pee have a hue of blue to them. Not bad this time, Ellie should be an easy one then.

Let's just say life is still turning, Ellie is still alive and a 'slight hue of blue" was the biggest understatement of our weekend. And for those left still wondering; it is a Crayola Washable Window MegaMarker that she nursed on while I was focused on who knows what. Look at that cheeky grin, at least she knew she was caught. It does make her eyes look amazing though, huh!