Nov 27, 2008

Thanks x10

We survived the car ride from Portland to LA last weekend and have been truly enjoying our time with Papa, Bulie, Ty, Brittany, and all other creatures roaming inside and outside their home! Today being turkey-day and all, I thought that I would jot down a few blessings I am especially grateful for this year. I hope that Thanksgiving has brought joy to everyone as you have gathered together with family and friends to enjoy food, laughs, blessings and each other.

  1. My beautiful little family

  2. Our home in all states of being from disaster to pristine ( I think Gary is bias toward the later)

  3. Charlotte - our beautiful spider friend who has made her home outside our front door and her amazing webs that we wake up to and spend hours watching her words yet...

  4. Oregon: We LOVE Oregon and all that it allows our family to enjoy

  5. Gary is grateful that he survived this month of disasters with his truck; his drive line blew out on the 405 crossing the river (yes locals that was him in the FedEx semi blocking traffic until the tow truck came - I still think that FedEx should pay for the free publicity on the nightly news) and then a week later the day before we left for LA his brakes gave out on him while driving down Cornell to one of his last stops of the day.

  6. Ellie - we finally have a happy calm baby, we now see why people love babies and want big families, I guess third time is a charm after-all. I think the real reason is that she can crawl to wherever she wants to go and she now pulls herself up on anything close to take whatever she can get her hands on, merely to see the torment in her sisters eyes as I say 'Now girls remember she is just a baby.'....Uhm, yes she is not even seven months old yet we are going to have issues in our house I think.

  7. Miranda has learned to dress herself: while I thought this would save me time on a daily basis it actually is costing me......go figure.

  8. Ansley is becoming quite the little photographer and so I am actually getting to be in a few pictures. Now this is not always a blessing but from time to time she blows us away with beautiful shots. This is one of my favs as of late.

  9. Cardboard boxes have saved my life this year! They are such a small thing but a huge blessing to me. This particular boxes bought me about 7 hours of peace over a week. Thanks baby for picking it up for me.

  1. LOVE...I know that is mushy and all but their is some much love that fills our home and I am so grateful for it. Gary loves all his girls (even the cat) more than we could ever hope for. Our beautiful girls really do love each other and are quick to hug and kiss after beating the heck out of each other =). I just am so in love with life, with being a wife and a mom, I love Gary with all my heart and all this love is just well...lovely...he he he. Really though I am so blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful family filled with pure love. I truly wish that every person in the world could be as lucky as me and my clan.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 15, 2008

Softball Guy

My ever humble and private man gently hinted that he would like a picture added to our blog. So without further hero and champion Mr. Gary Carroll! Love ya babe.

Yes, they took first place - quite a poster picture finish.