Oct 21, 2008

Okay Okay, I know I'm not keeping up with this but that does mean that life is crazy fun right now! So this is what we are up to at the moment....all 3 girls are sleeping. I know it sounds lame but it rarely happens so that is definitely a highlight. Really though here is our top ten for the past few weeks. In good Sports Center fashion, for those not so fanatical start at the bottom, we'll start with...

(10) Gemia has been sewing, taking pictures, posting on her new store (w/ Alie & Andrea), and...well not so much selling has been going on, but you are free to help with that at any moment...like NOW...www.lilpeep.etsy.com...really go there...like NOW!

(9) Ellie is eating....mommy gets a break, sort of.

(8) Gemia has figured out the secret of babysitting (got room for 1 more)

(7) The girls are starting a new trend, catchy huh...

(6) Fall has arrived in Oregon...brrr!

(5) Ellie is reaching for new heights in her bouncer!

(4) Have we mentioned that fact that Gemia has been sewing and stuff...www.lilpeep.etsy.com

(3) Ansley is perfecting ballet (aka the inverted duck walk).

(2) Miranda is having so much fun with potty-training - well not so much the training part as much as the potty as a hat or necklace part.

(1) I was told that Gary lives here too, but sadly this is the last photo documentation of this elusive creature of the packaging world.

Ansley is exceptionally understanding when I have had a rough day and mention out loud how happy I will be when daddy gets home so he can deal with the girls and simply states, 'its okay mommy daddy is helping Santa now so he will be late, but I'll still love him cause Santa is my friend'. I'm not a big fan of Santa right now!