Jul 6, 2008

Finally UP and running...

Well folks I finally and catching up with life and getting on to new adventures. I think the best way to start off will be to highlight June. So here are the higlights of last month...

Sailboats at the Duck Pond: Home Depot has this great little program called "Kids Workshop" on the 1st Saturday of each month. This has become a family tradition. In June the girls built boats, which we took home and painted. After they were dry we had to sail them in the duck pond by our house. It was a wonderful afternoon until Ansley leaned a little too far over the dock and went swimming with the ducks. She was wet and unhappy and the afternoon was offically over!

The Jam Festival on Savie Island: This was a great little adventure! We took the girls out to Kuger Farms on Savie Island for the afternoon. It was fun. There was live music, berries to pick, food to eat, a farm store to explore, and jam to make. We went with our friends the Jones and had a blast! That following week I made 9 pints of strawberry jam, which we are very much enjoying on pretty much everything we can put it on!

A New Day - A New Smile: Ellie learned to smile this month. It is amazing how much she has already grown. For anyone behind on our family events; Ellana Lynn Carroll joined our family on May 7th at 8:38pm. She was our smallest baby weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and 20.5 inches. She is a cookie cutter image of Miranda but a dream come true as a baby - this is a new experience for us as Ansley and Miranda had colic and attitude! She fits right in to our family and makes us complete!

2 hours and 1 Coke: This is what I do at nap time. I play maid and clean up the path of the monsters that envade my house on a daily basis. Its amazing what you can accomplish in 2 hours with a broom, cleaning wipes, 3 cookies and a coke!

Tillamook Cheese Facotry: Although gas prices are ridiculous my best bud Lora and I piled all 5 kids into my car and made the trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream. Yes, for ice cream. Its not so much that Tillamook ice cream is the best in the world as much as it is the fact that the kids are "stuck" (as Miranda says) in thier car seats, happy as pie watching Finding Nemo, while Lora and I vent our week away into laughs and tears. Everyone, even Gary and Colton, wins in the end.

Learning to Slide: I'll get introuble for this one but this is what Gary does in his spare time. This lovley addition to his leg was aquired at a recent softball game where he litterally took one for the team. His sliding pad did not function as advertised when he slid into home base for a run. I have half a mind to take it back and get our money back, yet seeing how this is the second sliding injury of the season and we have yet to make it through a season without one, maybe I should just invest in Sliding School for my man. See this is how I get myself in trouble, so to dig myself out of the hole I just leapt into he really is quite awsome and hits homeruns for both teams more often than not.

Pool Party: Dispite what you all might think the sun does shine here in Oregon and when it does things really heat up. We went from being in the low 50's to 105 in three days. So the long sleeves went in the closet and the pool came out. As you can see, Miranda does not quite understand that going face-first (her favorite way to roll) down the slide that Daddy put into the pool does not give the same results as it does at the park where there is just a soft landing onto the sand. Ansley loves to pretend to be a whale and "spout" at anything that gets close to the pool. Ellana has yet to be dunked; we'll give her a few more weeks.

We hope that you all enjoyed reading about our month as much as we enjoyed living it. Love to all from our little clan here in Oregon.